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The next generation reservoir fly rods

I’ve developed this new ultra performance fly rod series for the pro’s fishing in lakes & reservoirs in mind.

The powerful action is delivered in a very smooth & progressive manner enabling long shoots with a relaxed casting while its very sensitive tip enables you to fish with very fine leaders for more discretion.

This new fly rod series has been optimized to solve the problems encountered with reservoir fishing:

  • No more premature guides wear: conventional guides are prone to fast grooving resulting in additional costs (guides’ replacement, fly line damages, etc.). This is no longer the case for the Competition Cast Series as all the guides & strippers are in titanium (light weight) with insert, eliminating all wear & grooving as well as corrosion problems.
  • Custom made fly grips: today’s fly grips are too fine for a relaxed casting and the cork used is of mediocre quality.  Our vast experience in fly grip desing enables us to turn the grip you need according to your measures (shape, length & diameter) while using a new exotic cork material which is very comfortable and stays in shape for years.

Competition Cast 10’0 # 5/6: light reservoir fishing (dry, chiros, nymph, wet, etc.) 665€
Competition Cast 10’0 # 7/8: heavy reservoir fishing (streamers, heavy nymph, etc.) 675€

Blank in 4 sections for easier travel, guides & strippers in titanium & insert, hook keeper, custom fly grip (shape, length & diam.) in exotic cork, aluminum reel seat with insert (#5/6) ALPS Tri anodized (#7/8), aluminum travel tube

titanium guides & strippers with insert: no more grooving or corrosion

made to order custom fly grip: you choose shape, length & diameter

high end reel seats: light, elegant, solid

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