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Kurk & exotic burl



Natural cork: we select the very best portuguese cork directly in Portugal and sort it by hand (see a video here). Limited quantities of CG1 rings are available on demand, CG2 and CG3 rings are on stock. Click here for more information as to how we grade our rings. 

Exotic Burl is a composite cork material subjected to a set of complex processes, that give it it´s unique aesthetic and performance properties. It is simply a superior product for the discriminating Rodmaker. Exotic Burl is not only beautiful and extremely durable, but very user friendly.

Grips made of exotic burl rings are constructed in the traditional manner using the standard adhesives, and it is easily shaped on a lathe using the same off the shelf abrasives used for natural cork handles.

Exotic Burl Cork readily accepts various Urethane and Oil finishes for added durability and that "wet look" If you choose not to put a synthetic finish on your grips, you´ll find that when Exotic Burl gets wet, the traction between your hand and the grip actually increases!

Fabrikant Produktnaam Eenheidsprijs
CG1 Natuurlijk Kurk CG1 - 1/4inch - zonder gat 2.00 €
CG2 Natuurlijk Kurk CG2 - 1/4inch - zonder gat 1.50 €
CG3 Natuurlijk Kurk CG3 - 1/4 inch - zonder gat 0.90 €
Roddancer Copano 1/2 2.00 €
Roddancer Laguna 1/2 2.00 €
Roddancer Exotic Burnt 1/2 2.00 €
Roddancer Exotic Burl 1/2 1.80 €
Roddancer Rubber Burl 1.10 €
Black Mix 2.00 €

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