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About me: Eddy Scheinpflug

I have been fishing since I was 8 years old and started fly fishing at the age of 12. Since over 10 years I have been a full time rod builder. 

I've been fishing with all kind of techniques, from ultra light lure fishing to heavy saltwater poppers, small stream fly fishing to spey casting for salmon, along with heavy saltwater fishing for GT's.

Curious and passionate by nature, I am always looking for better, newer and sometimes out of this world ideas.

FishBone ProStaff Team

Our ProStaff team enables us to develop, test & improve our fly rods models as well as obtain a maximum of information on our fly rods performances in all parts of the world and on various fishing conditions & techniques. 

And for you too, the benefits are evident: 

  • the insurance that our fly rods are tested and approved by pros
  • the possibility in getting objective information from them per phone, email or during our fly fishing shows
  • the possibility of testing our fly rods  with them

FishBone ProStaff Technical Advisors

Thanks to their extensive knowledge & terrific commitment to our ProStaff team, these members do contribute greatly to the development & optimization of current and new fly rod models.


Yannick Rivière: professionele visgids 

Guiding for over 20 years in the french Aude river, Yannick has been a long-time competitor in D1 level, selected 6 times in the french national team and has won the titel of vice European champion in 2007. 

Location: Gruissan, France

Tel: 0033 (0) 6 78 55 70 71


Pascal Martin: professional fly fishing guide 

Pascal combines both fly fishing competition at the national level along with guiding in the Occitanie regio of France where rivers such as the Thoré, Arnette, Agout, Orb and the beautiful Dourbie flow. 

Location: Burlats, France

Tel: 0033 ( 0)6 48 37 18 86

Guido Vinck: international competitor

7 times Fly Casting World Champion along with an stunning palmares in international lake fishing, Guido is a true reference in the world of fly fishing.

Location: Papegem - Belgium

T: +32499270853

ProStaff Team Members: 

Selected on their great guiding capabilities, knowledge and ethics, the ProStaff team members are all certified professional guides that I can personally recommend for any of your future trips where a top guide is needed. If you are a certified fishing guide interested in joining our dynamic ProStaff team, do not hesitate to contact me directly!


Sébastien Cabane: professional fly fishing guide 

Sébastien guides on the beautiful Lozère's rivers and organize fly fishing trips to  the USA, Chile, Ireland, Sweden, etc.

Location: Le Born, France

Tel: 0033 (0)


Glenn Delporte: professional fly fishing guide 

Glenn guides on the terrific 'Pays Basque' in Southern France where the famous Nives and many great rivers such as the Irati, Baztan-Bidasoa, etc. flow.

Location: Biarritz

Tel: +33 (0)6 66 60 84 42 


Christopher Bassano: professional fly fishing guide 

Guiding for over 20 years in Tasmania, Christopher has fished all over the world and is the current Australian Fly Fishing Champion.  

Location: Launceston, Tasmania



JF Hundsbuckler: professional fly fishing guide

With over 20 years of fly fishing experience, Jean François is a reference in Alsace on the Thur river as well as on the Ybbs in Austria and the Glomma in Norway. 

Location: Saint Amarin, France

Tel: 0033 (6) 12 08 07 61


Mickael Andrieu: professional fly fishing guide

Big trout specialist, Mickael guides on the Dordogne river and its tributaries (Cère, Maronne, etc.) as well as on lakes during the winter season for predators fishes.

Location: Betaille, Franceê

Tel: 0033 (0) 6 80 90 86 62


Serge Rollo: professional fly fishing guide

Over 40 years of fly fishing experience and guiding n the various French rivers like the Tarn, Jonte, Dourbie, etc. as well as all the mythical rivers from the North Western US and Island

Hures, 48150 – MEYRUEIS, France

Tel: 0033 (0) 6 65 13 87 58


Yves Faillenet: professional fly fishing guide

Yves guides since over 30 years in the Jura on the rivers like the famous Le Doubs, l'Ain, La Loue, etc. where beautiful trouts and graylings abound but are difficult to catch!

Location: Champagne sur Loue, France

Tel : 0033 (0)


 Serge Rameau: professional fly fishing guide

With over 40 years of fly fishing practice and 30 years dedicated to migratory fish (salmon, seatrout, steelhead, etc.) ; Serge is a true specialist of two-handed fly rods

Le Frey, 61250 - St Nicolas des bois, France

Tel: 0033 (0) 6 07 03 94 93

Email :


Ado -Admir Jeginovic: professional fly fishing guide

Ado is a bosnian fly fishing guide along with extraordinary fly tying capabilities. He guides the famous Ribnick, Pliva,, Sanijca, etc. 

Location: Kljuc, Bosnia


Alain Barthélémy: professional fly fishing guide

Alain is AB Fly company manager. He lives and guides in Netherlands in the Zwolle region, famous for its snooks, sanders and other predators. Besides his boat, Alain also offers a fully catered lodge for 4 people where culinary delights abounds!

Location Zwolle, Netherlands

Tél: 0031 651 282 255


FishBone ProStaff Ambassadors

Our Ambassador team comprised non professional fly fishermen and women, all active at the national competition level. Passionated, they bring us their expertise and experiences in the competitive environment to further improve our fly rod models.


Cédric Maurel, fly fishing competitor, Level D2, France


Corentin Fumas, fly fishing competitor, Level D2 


Anouck Mattoni, french fly fishing competitor, Level D2 mixte


Patrick De Schutter, international fly fishing competitor (Belgium)

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