Test report River Gem 8'6 #3/4


Test report by Yannick River: River Cast 8'6 # 3/4 or the extension of our fingers 

I have been working with Eddy for 4 years on rod projects with very typical competitions and each time he surprises me by the quality of the editing and what he can do with a blank. The canes are not the same, they do not resonate the same way. We are on haute couture ... 

So, when Eddy tells me about his blank River Cast 8'6 #3/4 and that he sells me the merits with as much fervor, I give a very attentive ear and ask to test. 

He sends me the rod and there ... it's the shock! 

After more than 30 years fiddling with canes from all sides I think it's the best blank in this size and power that I had in my hands. So I'm asking Eddy to modify the editing again to make it an all-terrain rod.

Let me explain: A fly rod of this level should always be in the car or in a backpack ready to fire. As I live by the sea, I tell myself that it should also be used for salty environments. The difference between a seabass of 40cm and a trout of 40 is not large and fishing in mountain streams or in the channels of the coast is not very far. He then builds a River Cast of white color (for fun) with mixed elements FW / SW. 

To test the beast at sea, my first trip took place in the harbor of Toulon. With a friend, we followed the hunts of mackerel and striped bonitos for 2 days. If the River Cast 8'6 #3/4 against Spanish mackerel of good size is flawless, it is on the bonitos that I had the opportunity to push it to its limits. 

In fact, on an attack of a bonito of more than 3 KG, the fly rod blank was literally lying on the fish. It must be said that these bonitos are veritable powerballs of over-vitaminized muscles. Fishing with such light equipment is pure madness but it is essential when you really want to test the material. I thought the fight was lost, but finally, after several terrible rushes, the fish came to the net. Even above his abilities this fly rod had won his fight.


In the river, this model allows to keep a lot of pleasure on small fish but, thanks to its reserve of power, it makes it possible to fight big mamas, which, you have understood, are with equal weight less combative than a saltwater fish... who can do the most, can the least! 

In terms of technique, with a 3/4 inter fly line it is easy to get out 30m of line with small streamers. With a DT fly line in the same numbers, if we say that the fly rod must be the extension of our arm, it becomes an extension of our fingers. The impression of putting the fly with your fingers in the spot where we had imagined it was never as true as with this River Cast 8'6 #3/4. Casting curves on the right, left, grazing, shifted or parachute and even svirgulato or Hangulato, everything is possible with this tool of great precision.


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