Standard options

Please find hereby the common features & accessories that you can find on my fly rods and can choose directly via our website. 

The choice of other customisation options I offer is so wide that we encourage you to contact me directly to define your needs.


Competition Pack

Ideal for every fly rod used for nymphing techniques, our Competition Pack consists of a carbon grip for maximum sensitivity, a fighting butt for a better rod equilibrium and a removable guide to eliminate line belly and a snake guide on top to reduce leader entanglement.


Sections alignment dots

All our fly rods come standard with alignment dots, time saver and so practical. Other custom options such as jungle cock are of course possible.


Your name written on the rod and hook keeper

Your name, last name or both or any other short message can be written on your rod free of charge. Every fly rod comes equipped with a hook keeper except for the saltwater and spey rods.


Standard fly grips and reel seats 

You can choose between the following grip and reel seat options to equip your fly rod:


A: factory grip in natural cork grade Super (#1- 6) & aluminium reel seat with precious wood insert  

B: exotic burl grip (#1-6) with either sliding band reel seat (6' - 7'6) or aluminium reel seat with rose wood insert like in C (7-11')  

C: natural cork grip grade CG1 (#1-6) with aluminium reel seat & rosewood insert (fighting butt in option 

D: carbon grip #1-6)with aluminium reel seat & carbon insert (fighting butt in option)

E: standard birchbark grip (#1-7)with reel seat like in pic C 

F: natural cork grip grade CG1 with exotic burl insert (half wells #1-6) with aluminium reelseat & rosewood insert (like in pic C, fighting butt in option) or full wells with triangular reel seat 

G: standard reverse halfwells grip grade Super with aluminium reel seat and fighting butt (#7-16)  

H: exotic burl grip (#7-16) with triangular reel seat and fighting butt

Rod sock and  transport tube: your rod is delivered with its rod sock and high quality aluminium rod tube 


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