Maxia 10'2 #0 by FishBone

River (nymphing)

This is the end-result of my collaboration with Yannick Rivière (ProStaff) where we revisited and optimized the MX blanks series from Maxia produced in Spain.

I have reworked and optimized the building axis, guide spacings, etc. in order to further improve their performances and overall action.

Yannick Rivière's (ProStaff) impressions

A true technological vacuum has been filled thanks to this marvelous fly rod. The nymphing fishing techniques continuously evolve year by year. After the french nymphing, the tchec nymphing techniques comes now the spanish-type fishing. This nymphing technique is based on the ultra-fine system used. The fly line doesn't play a predominant rule and the very long leader/tippet enables maximum precision drifts. It was therefore necessary to master all these elements to create such a specific fly rod!

For those afraid that such a light rod won't be able to fight a fish, have a look at the video below:


  • 4 sections blank
  • Recoil titanium guides
  • hook keeper
  • section alignments dots
  • your name written on the rod (optional)

Many different grips and reel seat options are available. For any other custom option, please contact me directly.

Competition Pack Option

Also developed with Yannick, this pack consists of a carbon grip and fighting butt, removable guide and snake guide on top

The fly rod is shipped with its aluminium transport tube and socket. The fly rod build is warrantied for a 5 years period.

€ 630.00
Tax incl.

It takes usually 6-8 weeks to build your fly rod. Should you require a faster turn-around time, please contact me at

Select your grip
Removable guide

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