River Gem 10'0 #3/4

River mix

An iron hand in a velvet glove is my definition of the River Gem 10'0 # 3/4.

Mounted on a very light 3 section blank, the River Gem 10 '# 3/4 has a fast progressive action. The total absence of parasitic vibrations allows you to cast with a dreaded accuracy and its fighting capabilities are simply great.

* What Mickael Andrieu (ProStaff) thinks about it *

Efficiency is the master word to define the River Gem 10 '# 3/4, you will find in this fly rod an impression of fishing out of the ordinary.

Nymph fishing, dry fishing and wet flies are sometimes complicated to tackle with a classic rod but this is not the case with the River Gem. Its action allows you to adapt to any fishing situation in the large and medium rivers.

Smooth and powerful at the same time, it is a very precise fly rod enabling you to cast clean and discrete casts 15 and 20m without problem.

With the River Gem 10' #3/4 you can tackle the serious specimens of our rivers. The large 60 cm trouts of the Dordogne are very combative but I fish them of with no more than in 12 or 14 /100. With its reserve of power that has no limit but the resistance of your tippet, I had the chance to push in its entrenchments to my record barbel on the Dordogne of a size of 82 cm (see picture).


  • 3 section blank
  • titanium Rec Recoil guides
  • hook keeper
  • sections alignment dots
  • your name on the blank (optional)

Many different grips and reel seat options are available. For any other custom option, please contact me directly.

The fly rod is shipped with its aluminium transport tube and socket. The fly rod is warrantied for a 5 years period.

CategoryDream Cast, Fly rods, River fly rods, Lake fly rods
€ 855.00
Tax incl.

Estimated delivery time for a rod is between 6-8 weeks. If in a rush please contact us at info@fishboneshop.be

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